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    Our fitness trainers work with people of all different fitness levels to help them achieve their goals.

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Personalized fitness in the convenience of your home or office
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Training can be done anytime, anywhere; day or night, inside or outside, in your home, office or gym.

Personal Training

Now you can get the help you need to stick to your goals for weight reduction and getting fit. We come to you... to help you PERSONALLY with all your fitness and training goals.

Wellness Seminars and Workshops

Fred Foster Fitness has established a number of programs to reverse the effects of stress and high pressured work and lifestyle environments that can be very unhealthy for your employees.

Workplace Wellness Programs

Our focus is helping to achieve a balance in the lives of employees and managers, by keeping them at there optimum fitness, and providing healthy weight loss programs, along with balanced diets and nutritional programs. We provide motivation to increase self achievement with balance and support for the whole team.

Fitness Tips

When is the best time to exercise

It depends on your fitness goals. To burn more calories during the day it is best to workout in the morning, because it raises your metabolism during the day. If your day is really busy and the only time you have is later in the day, just try and have at least an hour or two to rest before you go to sleep so your body can wind down.

How many times a week should I exercise?

The experts recommend 3 to 4 times a week of aerobic activity for 45 minutes with some sort of weight training 2 times a week. In the real world our lives are very busy fitting all that into our daily schedule can be challenging. This is where working out with a knowledgeable trainer comes in handy. They can help you fit a good workout program into your lifestyle.

Do I need to have alot of equipment to exercise at home?

You can have a sound fitness routine without any equipment. By just using your body as resistance. A well qualified personal trainer can help you design a program just for you.

Is walking good for you?

The popularity of walking as a fitness activity is growing by leaps and bounds. Low risk and easy to start, walking has proved its health benefits in numerous studies.


What are there benifits to working out when you get older?

A good senior fitness program is one that includes aerobics, muscular conditioning, along with exercises to stretch your body and promote good posture. Start with a light regime and work your way up slowly.


We work with you to help you
achieve your goal for better fitness.

  • Fred is the best! I can’t thank him enough for a job well done. My baby brother who lives 100 miles away said it would be worth the drive just to hear Fred say, “Up Kathryn!”, and see me actually be able to get up

    Kathryn Wynkoop, Age 79, Potomac, MD

  • Fred Foster is much more than your typical Personal Fitness Trainer. With his extensive knowledge of exercise, nutrition and overall personal wellness, there's no reason you need to go anywhere else for your training needs.

    Ryan R., Employee Benefits Specialist, Bethesda, MD

  • I have been working with Fred for the past 15 months. Not only is he a true professional and always positive but he educates as he is training me. I learn not only the mechanics of the exercises but also why they work, what muscle groups are involved and to tailor them to my needs. He is always positive and encouraging.

    Janet M., Age 57, Member, Amateur Softball Association of America Hall of Fame

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