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Betty McKay Bracht, LGPC
Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor

Serving the Montgomery County, Maryland area, including: Bethesda, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Rockville, Olney, Potomac communities.

Betty McKay Bracht

Solution-Focused Counseling

I use a solution-focused approach with Gestalt Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Emotional Freedom Technique — “ Brief Therapy” tools that are effective addressing anxiety, stress, fear, and more. Read more about my education & training at my website

Light Trance Hypnosis

As a certified hypnotherapist, I use light trance hypnotherapy. This technique has proven highly effective without requiring the client to give up personal control.

Energy Psychology

Everyday emotions such as fear, anger and sadness respond well to energy psychology techniques — tools which use the body’s energy meridians to restore emotional balance. I have seen excellent results with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), helping clients achieve rapid change when processing emotions, anxieties, and traumas.

Psycho-Spiritual Counseling

Those who are seeking personal growth, and who desire an expanded view of the world, will find psycho-spiritual counseling appealing. Combining classic counseling and a spiritual perspective, this takes into consideration a person’s belief system, energy, and states of awareness.


Parenting Coach/Educator

I gained experience in parent counseling from an Adlerian theoretical perspective while completing a clinical internship with Bethesda Youth Services (now Silver Spring YMCA Youth and Family Services Division). I went on to train with the agency to become a parent educator. I continue to lead and co-lead 'Parenting Teens', 'Encouraging Your Child,' and 'Family Anger Issues' for the YMCA and the City of Rockville. I also work with parents on their concerns and issues arising from parenting, and from parenting difficult children.


Stress Management Groups

Members of the group will have an opportunity to:

  • discover what their stress triggers are
  • learn how to respond to those triggers and diffuse them
  • take with them a tool to attack and manage stress whenever it threatens to take over

If you have an interest, or know someone who may, please call me at 301-871-1699, or email me at

I offer other group counseling programs. Read more about group counseling at my website.


Q. Are you licensed to provide mental health services?

A. Yes, I am licensed by the State of Maryland as a Graduate Professional Counselor, license number LGP028. This means that I have completed educational requirements, internship, and licensure examination as required by the State. I have the same responsibilities and rights as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, except that I will continue to meet with my supervisor until I have completed a required number of hours as a counselor. My supervisor is Deborah A. Hinton, MA, LCPC, NBCCH.

Q. Is there something wrong with me if I choose to seek counseling? Do I have a mental illness if a doctor or someone I know recommends that I see a counselor?

A. No. Anger, sadness or anxieties are common, even ordinary occurrences – but sometimes they create an imbalance in our lives. I do not think we should be labeled with a disorder when we seek assistance and support in order to have a productive and satisfying life.

Today’s mental health field is often defined by the medical model of illness that insurance companies use to determine allowable coverage. That is, in order to receive treatment, you are required to have a diagnosed disorder such as depression or an anxiety disorder. That is contrary to my approach. For more answers to your questions on counseling and my approach, visit my website.


My work is not focused on a particular segment of any community. Anyone can – and will – benefit from a new perspective on an old problem.


Betty McKay Bracht, LGPC
Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor

Rockville, Maryland   301-871-1699
visit my website:

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