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ShopGaithersburg.com & ShopGermantown.com Benefits You

Here's what New Members get now through August 15, 2004  

Full Page hosted on ShopGaithersburg.com to provide product and services information. Also an announcement in the SavingsFlash Newsletter, plus an advertising bonus that is FREE from now through August 15, 2004.

The Free Bonus includes:

  • 110 x 110 Button - Ad Banner on the Home Page for 30 days, during the first 90 days of membership - Value $100.00 per 30 day period
  • 400 x 68 Ad banner at the top of category listings, 2 locations at the member's choice. Will run for 60 days. Certain categories are very popular. New member will be served when slots open. - Value $100.00 per 30 days period
  • 110 x 110 Button-Ad in the SavingsFlash Newsletter during first 60 days of membership - Value $50.00 for each mailing
  • 110 x 110 - ad banner on right navigation in 2 categories of choice. Certain categories are very popular. New member will be served when slots open. - Value $50.00 per 30 days period

Membership Benefits You With:

  • A single custom designed page online to tell customers about your products/services, and to offer ongoing discounts to customers who clip your coupon to use when shopping at your business.
  • This page linked to your own e-Commerce/Commercial web site if you have an online presence. We can help you develop your own web site if you have been considering this type of marketing tool.
  • Featured periodically throughout the year during special promotional periods in the SavingsFlash email newsletter that is delivered bimonthly to an opt-in email list of qualified customers who want to know about your latest discount offers.
  • Other opportunities to be a featured advertiser on ShopGaithersburg.com web site and in the direct email program for a very low cost. Plus additional placement in future Local Shopping Portals that will open during the next 2 years.
  • Professionally planned and executed local advertising to promote ShopGaithersburg.com as the #1 Online Shopping Portal and Coupon Clipper.
  • Professionally designed point of purchase signage in your store/business and table toppers for restaurants to help promote customer usage of this web site.

Why is online advertising better than print?

  • It is immediate - customers want a discount and are looking for coupons.
  • It is cheaper - print advertising is very costly, whether you use the newspaper or coupon magazines.
  • It is more responsive to demand - Only online can you change your message to reflect demand as often as you need to, to drive traffic.

Why Marketers Use Online Media:

  • A vehicle to reach a mass audience
  • Costs have plummeted
  • The impact of sight, sound, and motion has arrived and continues to improve
  • It has proven to be an effective direct response medium
  • Research is building a strong case for using it to support brand-building efforts
  • New targeting technology enables you to reach those "hard to reach" targets
  • The Internet is living up to its promise as the most measurable medium


  • Internet audience size in the US has grown 16% over the past 12 months
  • 58% of US households had access to the 'net in their homes in July 2001
  • US surfers are spending more time online with an average of 10h and 19m per month
  • Half of the American Internet population (57 million users) log on at least once every single day.
  • Americans now spend more time viewing/surfing the Internet then watching TV


  • New IAB formats introduced, media properties have removed almost all restrictions on formats
  • Audio and video delivery capabilities are becoming more prevalent
  • MSDW report, Jupiter/Media Metrix, Adrelevance, Dynamic Logic Study all conclude the effectiveness of internet advertising as a powerful branding vehicle


  • As more and more marketers reap the benefits of efficient interactive advertising, online media spending is increasing at a rate of approximately 30% year to year.
  • 79% of national advertisers advertised online in 2000, spending an average of $2.4 million each, a 24% increase in online ad-spending from the previous year.

ONLINE Advertising is cheaper, more responsive
and more effective at driving traffic and brand.

Call ShopGaithersburg.com at 301-417-9066 today, or send us email at shops@shopgaithersburg.com to learn more about how you can get your business listed with this new exciting online shopping portal.
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