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Offering Expert Leather Care & Shoe Repair Services

Serving the Kentlands Area Gaithersburg, Maryland

Shoe & Leather Repair Services Gaithersburg MD

Shoe & Leather Repair/Care

Quality leather shoes are meant to be refurbished to restore them to a like-new condition.

Craft Shoe Shop Repair Services

Handbag & Other Leather Repairs

We care for all types of leather products making them look refreshed and like new again.

Yes we repair orthopedic shoes

We Do Orthopedic Work

We offers orthopedic services. Your doctors perscription can be detailed for all needed corrections.

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About us

The Craft Shoe Shop is a full service shoe, leather, and luggage repair center with the main purpose of keep your favorite shoes and purses in excellent conditions. We repair most of shoes, boots, and luggage, offering hard-to-find services such as custom dyeing leather shoes.

  • Repair shoes, boots, and luggage
  • Custom dying leather shoes
  • Repair handbags & leather jackets/coats

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we repair all form of leather handbags and luggage everyday.
We are happy to accpet your needed repairs by mail. We recommend that you insure you package when sending you favorite shoes or boots to us for repairing. We suggest that you also contact us through our website to let us know that a package will be coming and take a dew minutes to tell us what repairs you need. Click this link to go to our form online.
Yes, however there are some things even we can’t repair. Staining under the finish or chips and scrapes not on the heel base may not be fully repairable. Please stop by or contact us as each repair can vary on a case by case basis.