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Bellasera Alpacas


The alpaca is a domesticated member of the camelid family, and a cousin of the llama. Alpacas have large, expressive eyes, a short triangular muzzle, a sheep-dog mop of hair over the brow, and abundant fine fiber. These sweet and gentle animals come in a broad spectrum of colors, more than any other livestock. They grow to weigh about 150 pounds and can live 25 years or more. A female alpaca bears only one offspring a year after an 11-month gestation period. (The offspring is called a cria.)

According to well-known judge, Mike Safley, "This is the total package". Euclid is out of the very well-known sire Mr. President. He is 1/2 Accoyo, full Peruvian. If you are looking for incredible fleece, excellent composition and a sweet temperament, this is your "Total Package".

  • Color Champ 2002 - Jubilee MAPACA - Harrisburg, PA
  • Color Champ 2002 - Sprin Fling - Neenah, WI
  • 1st. Place 2002 - Jubilee MAPACA - Harrisburg, PA
  • 1st. Place 2002 - Spring Fling - Neenah, WI
  • 1st. Place 2002 - Virginia Classic - VA
  • 1st Place 2002 - AOBA National - Composite Class - Louisville, KY
  • Special Award - Best Handle - Empire Extravaganza - Syracuse, NY
    We are not currently accepting stud fees for Euclid.

Our farm is 15 acres with a 7,000 square foot barn and three new run-in sheds.

Bellasera Farm will accept visitors beginning in September 2005. Please call to make a reservation. Groups are welcome. Visit our web site to see more about Bellasera Alpacas and to get directions when planning a visit to our farm. Use our form to give some specifics about your interest in Alpacas.

Currently there are about 1.5 million alpacas in South America with the heaviest concentration in the Altiplano, or high altitude regions of southern Peru, Bolivia and Chile. Except for zoos, alpacas were not imported into the U.S. until 1984. Now it is estimated there are approximately 50,000 alpacas in North America.

Because of their small size and easy care, alpacas are ideal animals to raise on small acreage. Six to eight alpacas may be stocked comfortably on a single acre. If there is a problem to be faced in caring for alpacas, it is in keeping them cool during the summer months. Their heavy fleece that does not naturally shed make hot weather difficult for alpacas. Many breeders rely on fans, readily available water and regular shearing to help their alpacas tolerate the heat.

Alpaca fiber (wool) is so soft that it is very highly prized by designers around the world for blankets, suits and sweaters. Alpaca wool has no lanolin like sheep wool so it can be washed and spun immediately after shearing.

This is an investment you can hug!

Visit Bellasera Alpaca Farm in Union Bridge, Maryland.
To make an appointment call: 410-635-3862 OR
Visit our web site for more information.

Bellasera Alpaca Farm
9630 Clemsonville Rd.
Union Bridge, MD. 21791


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