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Our restaurant reviews are rated and written by consumers like you. We welcome your review at anytime about any restaurant in the area. We never publish your name. You are doing a service to the community to tell everyone about good service, and NOT so good service. And.. you'll be entered into our Monthly Drawing to win a $25.00 Gift Certificate to your favorite restaurant. Use the link to the right to add your review to this list.

4 Stars 2006-2008 4 star review 2003-2005 3 Stars 2 Stars 1 Star

** - Amanda Amante - North Potomac - Dinner - Feb. 14, 2004

My wife and I have eaten here at least four times. The food is excellent. But on this admittedly busy night (Valentine's Day) the service was incredibly poor. The menu was four or five courses at a fixed price. Fine. I said to the waiter, "We'll begin with an appetizer while we decide on --" He stopped me and said, "It would be easier for the kitchen if you would order everything you want right now." I told him he would have to give us 15 minutes, and that's what we took (unnecessarily) to decide. He got 14% as a tip, and that much only because he did in fact bring us our food. A restaurant with a chef as good as this should hire people who know how to serve the customer. ...GE

** - Amanda Amante - North Potomac - Dinner - Last week of May, 2003

My wife and I ate the new restaurant just after it opened. Although this restaurant shows promise there were a few things that were not quite in keeping with the upscale expensive decor and menu.

Our waitress was very young not very well trained. Our meal was served out of order and little attention was shown to making sure the wine was poured when glasses were empty.

Although our meal was OKAY I felt it wasn't up to what was expected. I had a main course that included a very non-descript sauce that really didn't enhance the meat. My wife had the kobe beef that she stated was cooked excellently, but really didn't have so much more flavor than other "good" steaks. She also order the choclate crepe that is served as a cigar on a large ashtray. While this was a cute idea, it arrived not finished according to the server. We are still wondering why the server didn't request that the kitchen finish the presentation.

This restaurant has a long way to go to meet expectation that they are in fact a "very fine" restaurant. ...KB

** - Buca di Beppo - Kentland, Gaithersburg, Md - Dinner - 2/15/03

The food was good but the service was not up to par - this has been consistent across several visits to the restaurant. The wait staff needs to be more attentive. They need to give more guidance on how much to order, which you desperately needed in a place with such oversized portions....

This CAN be a good place, but you have to watch the staff...SB

** - Golden Bull - Gaithersburg - Lunch/Dinner - various visits

The Golden Bull is nice restaurant if you have large crowd and want to get a GOOD meal without breaking the bank. I have never had a bad meal in this restaurant. All meals are served with the unlimited salad bar. While this salad bar is not the best I've seen is always fresh. All meals are moderate priced and servers are very attentive. Specials have been so so, but overall you won't be disappointed. ..LJB

** - Old Shanghi - Milestone Center, Germantown - Lunch - Summer 2002

This was my first time at this restaurant. The meal was OKAY. I think my expectations were a little high. I was expecting a lot more attention to presentation that I have received at other Japanese restaurants. The sushi was OKAY. The California Roll was all right, but not as good as I have had at other restaurants. Seaweed salad was disappointing. My husband did enjoy his Kung Pao Beef. ...JJ

** Red Robin - Lakeforest Mall - Gaithersburg - Lunch - Dec. 2002

I don't know if this restaurant gets it. We actually gave it a second chance after having left one time because we waited 20 minutes to get a glass of wine. It never showed.

Our second visit was equally dismal. The meal was only so so when it arrived and it wasn't exactly hot either. Since this is not a gourmet restaurant I wasn't expecting much, but it was too noisy and the food wasn't that great. The wait staff wasn't very attentive again, but at least we weren't waiting 20 minutes for SOMETHING. ...BJL

** - Summit Station - Olde Towne Gaithersburg - Dinner - Jan 2003

Summit Station is an interesting restaurant featuring their own brewed beers. I'm not a beer drinker so I really can't speak to this item. I was with a group of people and they all said their meals were good. Seems to be a nice place for a good quick meal. Atmosphere is not intimate, but they do have some booth seating that is less noisy. I had a special grilled fish. It was very nice and not over done. ...PJB

* - Applebee's - Milestone Shopping Center, Germantown - Dinner - February 2003

Our service was not up to par. We sat at a high table in the bar, and our waitress wasn't very attentive to us. .... Our food was flavorless, and our entrees were brought out before our appetizers. ...LK

NEW * - Manhattan Pizza & Pasta - Muddy Branch Shopping Center, Gaithersburg, MD - Dinner - 7/3/2012
My experience of dining at MP&P is one * for the speed in providing the food. Yet the food was -ok. The chicken wings were commercially prepared and the pizza was oily on the bottom of the dough. I like to fold my slice of pizza and it was very soft. They did automatically charge for gratuity :( . This is unheard of for a pizza restaurant and there was only 5 of us at the table. Atmosphere was great with NYC posters of my favorite Broadway shows. ...TM

NEW * - Ramano's Macroni Grill - Rio Center - Gaithersburg, MD -Dinner- 11/2010
We eat out weekly and we like to frequent local restraunts. During a recent visit to Macroni Grill (Rio), we found the food to be of poor quality and portions to be small. Service was OK. Will not go back as there are too many good restraunts in the area to select from. My rating of "ONE" star was a forced choice as NO star wasn't an option. ...BS

* - Buca di Beppo - Kentland, Gaithersburg, Md - Dinner - August 2005

My wife and I went there and experienced 1) Wait time well in excess of what we were told, 2) "Family sized" portions that were way too small and 3) A Tiramisu dessert that tasted like straight alchohol (neither of us drink, so it was overkill on the rum). I'm friends with one of Maryland's finest gourmet chefs and even he told me that their Tiramisu was "nasty."

I did pass along my experience (via fax) to the restaurant wondering if this was typical or just a bad night because I wouldn't recommend them to anyone if it was typical.

Otherwise, the garlic bread and potatoes were delicious. ...CB

* - China Buffet - Kingsview Shopping Center - Germantown - Dinner - March 24, 2004
The service was fine but the all you can eat buffet is going downhill fast. We used to be able to have alaskan king crab legs an other types of food on the buffet. During our visit tonight we considered leaving after browsing the buffet. We should have, most of the food was bland and just average. ...HB

* - Il Forno Pizzaria - off 355 south of bridge, 8941 N. Westland Dr., Gaithersburg, MD. - Dinner -dinner, but I didn't eat - August 2006 (11/28/06)
I'm sorry, but this place is just squalid. I went because I had a coupon for a discount on dinner, which they wouldn't accept. Although they had a pizza oven and menu, the only business they seemed to be doing was for carry-out Indian cuisine. That was not a major concern, because the seating area was dark, dirty, and empty except where it was being used for storage. I touched nothing, ate nothing, and will not be back. ...JG

* - India Palace Bar and Tandoor - 19743 Frederick Road - Germantown MD - Dinner - This is just FYI... (no date)
We were invited to India Palace to celebrate a Baptism. There were several tables set up with containers of meals. Our table was done with our meals and had food left over in the containers. I was shocked when the owner came to our table, picked up the container with the food and emptied it into another container and re-serve it to one of the other tables. When I informed my friends about it they confronted the owner who initially denied doing it. When I mentioned that I saw him do it and what the meal was he apologized. I have never been back. I would be afraid of what else goes on that we do not see. ....MP

* -Madras Palace - Gaithersburg - Dinner/Catering - 5/27/06
The quality of food is good but the service has gone down. I remember the food being great. I used to love to take my friends there. Now I would not. The service is horrible. The excuse is the same, they are busy or understaffed. We stopped going in for a meal and started to get to go orders. They would tell me that the food will be ready in an hour but the reality is that it will be ready an hour later than you were told. Since the food is good I decided to cater a lunch thru them. I was told to pick up the food on the 27th at 9:00 pm. When I got there I was told to come back in 20 minutes they were just finishing it. 20 minutes later the food was not ready (excuse - they are busy) and I was told it would be better if I would bring my own containers. I was not informed of this when I placed the order. When I told them that I lived far off I was told that they would try and manage something. It was 11:00pm when the food was finally ready. 2 hours later than promised. On top of that the payment was DEMANDED in CASH and no receipt was given. The CASH was pocketed by the individual who I placed the order with. There was no apology for the delay only excuses. When I asked for the owners name I was ignored. There was another patron who was also upset with the service. She was also ignored when she asked for the owners name. The staff knows that this is the only Vegetarian Restaurant in the area that serves Indian food and have used that as an advantage. They provide poor service and are disrespectful. The quality of the food depends on when you go. I have received great Sambar and also watered down Sambar. I would rather drive to VA/DC (Amma's)or to Univ. blvd. (Uduppi) before I go to Madras Palace. ....MP

* - Redrock Canyon Grill - Rio,100 Boardwalk Place, Gaithersburg, MD. - Dinner - August 2006
It took us several attempt to get in - this is a very popular restaurant near the theaters. But if it wasn't near the theaters, I can't imagine why anyone would bother. The food was overpriced and very ordinary. If you like crowds, noise, and airline food, this is your place. ...JG

* - Sakura Japannesse - Germantown- Dinner- 1/28/05
The meal was so- so and the service was horrible. The order came in incorrect sequence. Apetizers were delivered after dinner and the mangement rude attitude to take responsibility. Will not recommend this place to a group of more than 4 people clebrate an occasion or a causal dinner. ...AM

ZERO STARS - Worst reviews from customers!

NEW (0 Stars)- Seafood House Restaurant & Market - Dinner - 19201 Fredrick Road, Germatnow, MD - 4/23/2012
I was real excited to bring my mother and aunt to this establishment for my aunt's birthday.  I have visited this place before, but only for happy hour so I was excited to go for dinner.  When we arrived there was only one other couple in the restaurant, the waiter took our drink order and that started it off.  My aunt ordered a diet coke and my mother and I ordered HOT tea.  The soda was very flat and the hot tea was luke warm.  I asked for another soda, and they said they could not get the soda machine to work and all of the soda was flat.  I did not even bother with the tea.  So we order our food, which to me is a little out of price range for the area.  This is in the Fox Chapel area of Germantown and they charge Bethesda prices.  Anyway, we order our food and wait for a while to get it.  They do not give you anything while you wait.  When the food came, my food and my mom's food was very cold.  I told them I did not want it cause it was cold, the pot!
atoes had a terrible taste to them.  They tasted old.  They were burnt and cold.  I felt bad having to continually call the waiter back, but I could not take it anymore.  I asked them for mashed potatoes and cole slaw and sent my food back.  When they brought that, the potatoes had a fruit fly stuck on it.  Now I did not feel like I should have to pay 17.99 for that.  The owner comes over with an attitude and says she cannot take the meal off the bill only the manager could do that.  To me that made no sense, how the proprietor could not handle this situation was beyond me.  She only gave us 20% off the meal and then accused me of eating it, which I did not.  I sent it back.  Her name is Feri Fallahian.  Terrible attitude, terrible customer service on her part and I will never go there again.  They are part of Seafood in the Buff which is a great place for crabs.  The service from the waiters was good.  They tried, but can only do but so much.  They gave me every excuse in !
the world why the food was bad, but no compensation for the bad meal.  It was very disappointing and not a very good celebration for my aunt who came from out of town.  I would not recommend this place unless they either get their act together and learn how to respect their customers or get rid of Feri Fallahian. ...JS

NEW-Negative Stars - Famous Dave's - Kentlands, Gaithersburg - Dinner - 5/21/2008
One of the worst experience in terms of customer service ever experienced. We had a reservation for 18 for 8:00pm. When we got there, the manager said we had to wait an additional 45 minutes. We had 2 90 year olds. The manager was totally non-helpful. We left with no intention of ever going back. We will be contacting the better business bureau. ...ML

Andalucia Restaurant - Rockville -Dinner - 9/27/2005
My wife and I had the displeasure of eating dinner there last night.

The service is terrible. "Waitress"/college student daughter of the owner does not know what service with a smile is. I cannot believe they have the nerve to charge you an automatic 18% gratuity for such horrible service. For a $65 meal, you really don’t get much food on your table.

About the food ….there’s not much positive to say. Our main dishes were extremely bland, and way overpriced for what you get. Seafood does not seem fresh and the chef overcooks it all to rubber like feel. For example the mussels in every dish we ordered were consistently cooked to the point of being dry and chewy.

I've eaten all over DC/MD/VA at numerous restaurants and this was one of the least satisfying dining experiences I've endured. I would advise patrons to steer clear of this restaurant and spend their money on other much better establishments. They may have been decent in the past but it's clear why their last Zagat award was given to them 13 years ago. You leave the restaurant feeling ripped off.

A restaurant to avoid for sure. I would not be surprised to hear someday soon that they are closing their doors for good. ...DA

Madras Palace - 74 Bureau Dr., Gaithersburg MD -8/11/2005 - Dinner
This vegetarian restaurant used to be good about one year ago. Lately, the food is of poor quality, not fresh at all as if it has been cooked one week ago. The service is poor. And above all, my visit yesterday proved that Health Inspectors need to do a thorough check on this place --- I found a cockroach in the potatoes inside the masala dosa. When I pointed this out to the manager, he said nothing. He acted stunned as though being caught at something he knew already existed. Do NOT go to this place at all. If you want good south indian vegetarian food, try Woodlands or Udipi. ...AH

Mi Pueblito - 6 North Summit Ave,Gaithersburg, MD - 9/6/04 -- delivery - Dinner - I called in my order at 6:35 p.m. and, once the person who answered the phone finally got an english speaking person on the phone to take my order, I was told delivery would be in 40 minutes. 2 hours and 15 minutes later, I finally got my cold dinner. I was told first that the driver had 3 deliveries to make, then later I was told he was lost, but knew where I lived and would be 10 minutes. About 20 minutes before he finally arrived, he called on his cell phone and told me he was 5 minutes away. I was very disappointed. ...ND

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