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Laser Tag is an outdoor team sport much like paintball but without the bruises, mess, or the expense of continuously purchasing paintballs to continue play. Our guns can be used in the daylight and outdoors.

Sticky Tag is played in an inflatable arena and is geared toward our younger players using commercial grade "sticky vests".

Water Tag is played in a large open air inflatable arena and is a great way to have fun and stay cool. We also have a Camp/School Activities Package to use with the Water Tag arena that will provide hours of fun.

Our mobile tag can be set up just about anywhere, all year long, for any event. We come to you and set up an outdoor arena with barriers for Laser Tag or one of our large inflatable arenas for Water and Sticky Tag. Since TAKE AIM is completely mobile, we can travel practically anywhere - parks, parking lots, gymnasiums, backyards, etc.


Laser Tag

All of our laser tag sets incorporate Steradiantech's exclusive SunPlay technology. In other words, you can play laser tag in full sunlight anywhere, anytime with long range. Thee sensors aren't hidden in the shade...the SunPlay sensors are out there in the open, waiting for an incoming shot. Integrated in the SunBand, these sensors detect a signal from an opposing gun at a distance of 570' in full sun with our Eclipse model.

Take Aim attendants will arrive at your location and set up barriers as well as an area for briefing.

We also provide scorekeeping so that you and your guests can keep track of who hit who, how many hits were recived etc.

When setting up at your location our attendent will need access to a power supply in order to setup and use the scorekeeping software system. Your exterior electrical outlet can be used for this purpose.



Water Tag

Water Tag is an exciting water game for people of all ages.

It is similar to Laser Tag but, is played with water soakers instead of laser guns.

The game is played in an open air inflatable arena.

The players wear specially designed vests that collect the water that is sprayed by opponents. The player with the least amount of water collected in his/her vest at the end of the round, is the winner.


Sticky Tag

Using specially designed launchers, the object of the game is to get three balls stuck onto the back of another players vest. When a player has three balls stuck to their vest, they are out of the game an must exit the arena.

Play continues until one player remains in the maze and wins the round.

Sticky tag is played inside an inflatable arena and is recommended for our younger players (ages 4-8).

Each player wears a commercial grade "Sticky Tag" vest and starts the game with three balls. The balls are stuck to the front of the vest until needed.


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