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What is a Mural or Mural Art? A painting executed directly on a wall or ceiling or done on a portable panel that is destined for a wall or architectural setting.

One of the two major categories of Paleolithic art, along with portable art. Mural art consists of painting, engraving, and sculpting on the walls of the caves, shelters, and cliffs of southwestern Europe; one of the hallmarks of the Upper Paleolithic.

I can customize any idea you have into a beautiful mural art to create attention for wall or a whole room. I can change a drab room into real excitement with just the stroke of the brush.


Transform a bathroom into an oasis with palm trees.

Your walls don't need to be plain and ho-hum! I can paint an underwater scene that reminds you of a vacation, scuba diving. Sometimes wallpaper just isn't the answer. I can copy any design, even from old wallpaper you may not be able to get in the stores anymore.

Be creative... I can reproduce any kind of scene you have in mind.

Murals Faux Finishes Trompe L'Oeil Children's Rooms Home

Spirit Design - Customized Original Art For Your Home, Office or Store
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