Dry Carpet Cleaning Services: Montgomery County, Maryland, Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C. Dry carpet cleaning eliminates odors, reduces dust mites, mold, bacteria, pollution, lead dust, viruses, pollen and cat and dog dander. Removes food, coffee and red wine stains, blood, urine, vomit and pet stains

You must be satisfied; we will touch up, re-spot, or re-clean as needed to make you happy. If we cannot make you happy, I will not take your money.
.... Cal Smith - Owner

January, 2008….I was reading my Poseidon newsletter about the woman who was told by another service she would have to replace her carpet as her pet stains would never come and then BAM! Poseidon made her carpets look great. I had just had two rounds of a well-known carpet cleaning company come out and after the second try, my carpet looked worse than it did several hundred dollars previously. Their techs said, “the dark edges of the carpeting will never come out; it is soot.” (This wasn’t true.) Their techs said, “the pet stains are impossible to remove.” (This wasn’t true.) Their techs said, “our machines do spray a bit of solution on the walls, but it is easy to vacuum up.” (This wasn’t true.). ….I was discouraged....until I read that orange flyer….By the end of the next week, my puppy-stained, boy-trampled, cat-rolled carpets looked like they never had before—sparkling clean and bright! I walked around admiring them, pleased as punch with the entire experience: a thorough explanation of what would be done to the carpet and what the cost would be, appointment made on a timely basis….two extremely courteous and professional technicians who made sure I was totally satisfied, which I was!...Mary Von Drehle

June 2008….I love my carpet again! I am writing to thank you for my beautiful carpet. In preparation for my daughter’s 6th birthday party I decided to give dry carpet cleaning a try…. I was at work when your technicians cleaned the carpet. My husband was home and called me excitedly to say “The carpet looks great.” The spots are gone and the house even smells better… Your technique even killed mold that had developed….as a result of steam cleaning… Our very expensive carpet is beautiful again and we are maintenance customers for life! It’s good to know that there really are some products that are as good as advertised. I plan to tell my friends and anyone else who will listen about your service…. Mrs. M. Thornton

June, 2006 ….Six months ago I researched your special cleaning method and decided to give it a chance as no other service has ever been able to get the stains out of our steps and basement level. The steps had usual stains plus red spots from the berries on our pear tree that fall on the lawn and get tracked in via our shoes….in the basement, we had urine stains from our dog that were 8 years old and had unsuccessfully been cleaned by many carpet cleaning companies, always with the stains left behind. Poseidon got every dog stain out, no residue or odor and all the old discoloration is gone. It has now been six months and none of those stains have reappeared. We are thrilled with your service. Gratefully, The Goldsteins.

February, 2004 Once more you have a happy customer. I have three cats and had your company clean my place several times throughout the year. As your employees have explained to me, when cats throw up on carpet, the enzymes in the stomach combine with the dry cat food and leave deep stains on the carpet. When I look at these stains I am always amazed at how your product leaves my old carpet looking new and as if my cats never threw up.

I wish I had taken "before" pictures this last time I had my carpet cleaned. It's amazing. Your employees are very professional and strive to do the best job possible when they come to my home..... I just can't say enough how pleased I am every time I call you to arrange a carpet cleaning.... Elaine E. Lampropolos

January 2001 Carl Freedman Retail has been contracting work through Poseidon Dry Carpet Cleaning since February 2000... for our 45 unit residential complex in Potomac. Poseidon's response time for service and quality of work is exceptional...has saved our company the added expense of carpet replacement... We highly recommend their services. ...Julie Pryor, Property Mgr

November 2001 We recently suffered a major water loss in the building after -hours and Poseidon was able to mitigate our expense by providing efficient and effective treatment. What could have been a replacement cost of $37,000 resulted in just $4000 in fees from Poseidon... I have recommended Poseidon to my colleagues and will continue to do so. ...Kelly Gosney, Property Mgr, Montrose Office Center


  • Dry Carpet Cleaning is safer, leaves carpets cleaner, brighter, fluffier & eliminates odors.

  • Deep cleans and restores very soiled carpets

  • Walk on immediately, no down time, bone dry in 1-2 hours

  • Removes dust mites, mold, allergens & toxins.

  • Safe for all carpets, wool & silk, doubles life of carpet.

  • Safe for all carpets, wool & silk; doubles life of carpet.

Poseidon Dry
Carpet Cleaning
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Dust Mite, Flea & Mold Treatment
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