Maryland Attorneys/lawyers practicing Construction Law, Land Use, Business Formation and Contract Law, Commercial Litigation & Collection Law in Montgomery County - practicing law in Maryland , Virginia and Washington, DC

Innovative, affordable and practical legal
solutions to a broad range of complex problems

"Providing the best and most efficient solution for each client's ultimate needs."


  • Construction Law
  • Contract Litigation
  • Commercial Litigation & Collection Law
  • Business Formation
  • Family Law

Issues are approached from the client's standpoint, keeping in mind that litigation is not always in the client's best interests.

We promise to put the client first, to always be there to discuss the issues openly and honestly, and to avoid legal jargon wherever possible.


  • Virginia State Bar, Virginia Federal Bar
  • Maryland State Bar, Maryland Federal Bar
  • District of Columbia Bar
  • United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit and Fourth Circuit

My office is located:
1010 Rockville Pike, Suite #607
Rockville, Maryland 20851
204.477.1677 (voice)
204.477.1679 (fax)

Learn more at my web site:
Construction Law:
Shawn C. Whittaker has substantial experience in the area of construction law. Mr. Whittaker protects contractors and materialmen on federal and state public projects, and private projects in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. Learn more at my web site about Construction law.
Business Formation
We have established numerous types of businesses in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Mr. Whittaker meets with his clients to learn the goals of their respective businesses to see which business entity suits their particular needs. Learn more at my web site about Business Formation law.
Contract Litigation
Shawn C. Whittaker handles various contract matters, including contract review, negotations, and litigation, for businesses and individuals. We have succesfully brought contract actions, as well as defended contract actions, in numerous courts in the metropolitan area.Visit my web site to get more information on Contract Litigation and commercial and collection litigation in Maryland

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