Murals Faux Finishes Trompe L'Oeil Children's Rooms Home
I think we should meet.... don't you?
After all, you want your home to express your personality and uniqueness...
I would be delighted to help you achieve this goal!!!
Decorative art that goes beyond the"run-of-the-mill" wallpaper. My Trompe L'Oeil designs can complete a wallpaper that you can get anymore, or complete a look without wallpaper
Shown in the picture:
Interior designer Marcia Geoghan developed this elegant dining space with custom touches. Kitty provided the hand-painting design of Geoghan's baronial cartouche on the front of the corner-pleated black tablecloth, taking the design from a silver tea service.

Subtle texture on the walls lends motion and interest. The deisgner, Kitty, created a crosshatch pattern with paint using several layers.

Kitty provided the custom touches for this designer that was featured in Better Homes & Gardens Window & Wall Ideas, Spring 2003.
Sometimes wallpaper just isn't the right choice. Earthworks in Frederick decided that they wanted something completely custom designed for their Home Garden Center. This design was used all over the main showroom and features the dotted areas with beautiful flowers. The pattern resembles what wallpaper can do without all the seams.
See a fantasy glimpse of "Olde Frederick"
at the Market Street Cafe, a mural designed by Kitty,
on display everyday at
14 North Market Street, Frederick, MD.
Murals Faux Finishes Trompe L'Oeil Children's Rooms Home
1313 North Oak Cliff Court
Mt. Airy, MD 21771
Phone: 301-831-5990
Fax: 301-831-7773

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